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Back pain? - 5 things to look out for

The spine supports the skeleton of the body as well as protecting the spinal cord - a group of nerves connecting the rest of the body.

As we get older or if we overexert ourselves by exercising a little bit too much; we may experience a little bit of back pain. However, these are five signs about back pain that you should pay attention to and seek attention at Jubilee Medical Centre, your GP in Capel Street, Dublin 1, Dublin City.

1) Pain not going away by itself - Rest and pain killers should be enough to treat with aches and pains. If pain persists more than 3 weeks, you should seek urgent advice.

2) There should not be pain at night or at rest. If there is, please discuss this with us at GP Dublin / Jubilee Medical Centre

3) If you notice back pain with balance or bladder issues, this is an urgent issue.

4) Tingling sensation in arms and legs with no obvious reasons, requires urgent attention.

5) Fever and weight loss along with back pain could indicate a serious underlying issue

These are just some tips to help you with identifying any serious back pain / issues. This list is not exhaustive.

If you have any questions please contact us here

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