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Screening (General / STD)

General and STI / STD Screening at Jubilee Medical Centre, Dublin City GP

Screening means to investigate or detect potential health disorders in people who do not have any symptoms of disease. The goal is to reduce risk of disease through early detection. At Jubilee Medical Centre, Dublin City GP, our GPs recognise the importance of preventing certain conditions such as cancer or heart disease. Hence the importance of screening cannot be understated. Our Dublin GPs are more than qualified to prevent any serious illnesses that may affect your or your loved ones.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) or Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) needs to be treated early to prevent long term consequences. At Jubilee Medical Centre, a full STD can be performed including blood tests and urine to outrule HIV or Hepatitis. Please contact us here to find out more about STD screening.

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