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Tip #1 from GPDublin

Top five tips to stay healthy this winter from GpDublin (Jubilee Medical Centre)

  1. Wash, your hands on a regular basis! Especially after contacting people. Did you know viruses are smaller than bacteria in size? So that makes them easier to spread!

  2. Keep nose and mouth covered when coughing or sneezing. Most illnesses in Dublin City are caused by droplets and close contact spread.

  3. Multivitamins are a life saver. Make sure to take Vitamin D especially for a dark, wet Dublin winter! At Jubilee Medical Centre, we can check your vitamin d levels with a simple blood test.

  4. Flu vaccines / pneumonia vaccines will prevent serious illness. If your symptoms have not improved within a week, make an appointment with GPDublin (Jubilee Medical Centre), 138, Capel Street.

  5. Wrap up warm, spend extra on heating, prevent dampness! Dublin is one of the heaviest rainfall cities in Europe. Make sure to stay dry!

Stay healthy everyone!

Dr. Chii Chii Lee MICGP

Dr. Samuel Lee MICGP, GPdublin

Your GPs in for every occasion!

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